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Patent translation is one of the buzzing business in the current scenario around the world. Patent translation is a type of translation where the patents and patent related documents-both technical and non-technical are translated from one language to another. These days, the need for translating patents in various languages across the globe is on the rise and hence the number of companies offering such patent translation and patent related technical documents translation services is also on the up trend. However, all these companies cannot be easily trusted. Patent translation work can be carried out effectively by only trained translators who are fluent and flawless in the language and can actually understand and translate the technical documents exactly as the original. Else, much time would be wasted in explaining the patent line by line to the technically not so strong translator. So when it comes to patent translation job, it is very necessary to ensure that the translators in a company have a strong command over the language and the technical subject as well.  The Document Site is one such emerging patent translation company. They undertake both personal and corporate level patent translation projects in various fields of technology like law, medicine, biotechnology, instrumentation, telecom : to name a few. They provide high quality and professional translation service for patents and all technical documents from Spanish to latin America such as Argentina and Brazil.


A good translation can be done only by skilled translators. The patent translators at The Document Site are recruited only after a strict interview process. The candidates are checked for both technical and linguistic skills. Once the candidates are selected, they are given rigorous training about the translation processes. The translators work only on their area of specialisation. This makes the service offered by The Document Site stand out as the translator actually understands the patent he is translating which then reflects in the quality of work he does. Very high quality standards are accomplished as the we have a dedicated a Quality team who check the translated works and the process followed every now and then. All the translation jobs carried out are cent percent private and confidential.


The fee at The Document Site is very competitive. We offer a quick and prompt service to our clients. Our translators are available round the clock - 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This helps us meet the project deadlines accurately and you can confidently rely on us for quality patent translation work within the muually agreed upon timeframe. Under really important or unavoidable situations of urgent patent translations, we can help you with the 'next day work done' option, where the translated patent documents will be available to you the very next day. Though the quality of work remains unchanged, this job type with very short timeframe is slightly expensive than the normal translation service provided to our clients.


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Harriet Poole
48 Grey Street KETTLEBRIDGE KY15 1SW

 When I was cornered to finish five patent translation in just two days, I sought the service from The Document Site. I am very happy and satisfied about the service provided by The Document Site.

Danielle Fuller
86 Broad Street LOWER THURLTON NR14 1NY

All my technical documents are being translated by The Document Site and I am sure I will do all further translation works with The Document Site for they are prompt, accurate and cheap. You guys rock!

Callum Hicks
56 Well Lane PATTISHALL NN12 9LA

I had a couple of patents to be translated from Spanish to Latin American language and my budget was low. My friend referred me The Document Site and I am extremely thankful to The Document Site for the quality work they did in a very competitive price.