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Translation is Inclusion

Sharing a language will always play a great part in being able to communicate with each other. The increasing flow of people and information worldwide due to the boom of the IT's and transport in the past few years has made it practically indispensable to share a common tongue. English is the language of choice in most cases, asi it has become the world's lingua franca. 

However, not everyone is fully proficient in English, or for that matter in any other language but their mother tongue. When this is the case, we see the opposite case of global understanding. Growing chances of communication between people from different languages also mean growing need for this sort of communication. Immigration, traveling, international affairs and businesses, cultural and educational exchange and job globalization are some examples of situations where this communication should be necessary. In case that the language isn't fully shared, a competent translator will be needed.

Many activities that are outside of the business world and play a big part in human rights, such as education and justice, are language dependant. Ideally, people should either share the same language, or have at hand the service of a competent translator or interpreter who will be the bridge of communication between the parties. If you can't speak or understand other people, you will be left aside of the social circles and activities that take place withint that group. 

As a matter of fact, it isn't uncommon that this happens, and people of all ages are left out of the system because of language.

Translation in education

Immigrant families that want to send their children to school sometimes face the problem of a language barrier, especially if their kids have been raised in their country of origin, where they weren't exposed to the new language. Some schools offer integration services, and even bilingual classes, to include immigrant families. However, as all things created by man, these services have failures. 

Common complaints about translation services for schools include the incapacity of the educational system to provide an answer to the special integration needs of challenged students. Those who have special educational needs will also need a translator or interpreter who is trained to answer to those specific needs, and in many cases the school doesn't provide such a professional. In other cases, the children's parents complained about not being able to participate in meetings or read school documentation about their kids because of the lack of a document translator.

Translation in the court


Another space where people need to communicate with absolute clarity and fidelity is in legal proceedings. From the testimony of witnesses to self defense in court, without accurate comprehension between all parts involved every trial could be considered not valid. People have the right to be aware all that is being said or written in the trial when it involves them, this is a no brainer; when they can't understand due to language differencies, they don't have the tools to make a defense or provide an argumentation. 

What is complicated here is that, in order to provide a useful translation or interpretation, the translator must be specifically trained to understand the legal terms and manage the stress of court. As some government place translation costs in the spotlight and consider to privatize these services, the future of court translation is still in the dark.

Document translation

The same level of expertise is required for the translation of legal texts. A slight difference in a word or expression might alter the meaning it has, and when absolute accuracy is required, this could result in a mistake that could cost someone dear. Notary services and official translations are, for this reason, a very strong business in some countries. In order to have some government documents translated, which is required for foreigners that don't speak the country's official language, many people are charged of unnecesary fees and see their legal expenses increase. Of course, it isn't like this in all countries, but in some cases, a market niche has been found in people who need paperwork translated, especially passports.

Hiring a document translation agency will be of great help in these cases. Unlike regular translators, a document translation agency will have specific experience and proficiency in understanding legal terms and knowing the exact translation in order to make a translation valid for bureaucracy. If you don't hire a certified document translator for these cases, the document might not be considered valid and you will have wasted your money - and perhaps your time, if you are in a hurry. Regular translation services might be cheaper, but remember, you get what you pay.

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