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Human translation versus automatic translation

Is artificial intelligence better than human intelligence?

Technology is developing fast, and even faster every day. It’s like a huge snowball of human knowledge and technique: once you set it rolling, it gains weight and speed. Each discovery leads to the next one and they accumulate and potentiate each other. The result is a constantly increasing base of information and ways to process it and communicate it. Computers are becoming more complex and more capable of running different kinds of analysis. This means that they are becoming more similar to the human mind.

The typical sci-fi futuristic world includes robots and computers being as intelligent as -or even more intelligent than- human beings. They can think and talk and are often consulted by humans who want to make decisions. 

Now, would this be possible in the real world? Technology seems to be heading towards that kind of future, so scientists are starting to think about the human vs machine issue very seriously. Can a computer actually be smarter than a person? Can they make not only physical tasks, but also intellectual tasks better than humans? Read More...

Human Website Translation

As the world continues to become a global village, translation services are becoming more and more crucial. There are different types of translation services and they are basically divided into two: translations done by real people (online or otherwise), and secondly translation done by artificial intelligence or computers if you like.

Both types of translation services come with pros and cons leading to the never ending debate on human vs machine translation. Whichever you choose to go for, you will find that translation services have greatly improved, especially in terms of accuracy. Read More...

Document Translation Agency

Translation is Inclusion

Sharing a language will always play a great part in being able to communicate with each other. The increasing flow of people and information worldwide due to the boom of the IT's and transport in the past few years has made it practically indispensable to share a common tongue. English is the language of choice in most cases, asi it has become the world's lingua franca. 

However, not everyone is fully proficient in English, or for that matter in any other language but their mother tongue. When this is the case, we see the opposite case of global understanding. Growing chances of communication between people from different languages also mean growing need for this sort of communication. Immigration, traveling, international affairs and businesses, cultural and educational exchange and job globalization are some examples of situations where this communication should be necessary. In case that the language isn't fully shared, a competent translator will be needed. Read More...


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